What Does it Really Mean to be Emotionally Available?

Being emotionally available is highly nuanced. We talk about it as if it’s something people should naturally know. We are quick to state that partners lack this trait, but what about us? ⁠

In the @psych_today article on Lonely Men, the author identified that the lack of relationship skills is at the root of loneliness. ⁠

Thank you, Liz Plank @feministabulous for this nugget of truth. We need more concrete examples. ⁠

Curiosity in a relationship is the same; ask your partner follow-up questions, like, ‘how are you feeling after that difficult talk we had yesterday?’ ⁠

While you can’t change other people, you can work on yourself to be more emotionally available.

While you may know how to be vulnerable, are you patient and express empathy for your partner? Partners need to be able to trust you. Watch your body language, are you distracted or only half listening? Do you interrupt when you get excited? ⁠

Being an emotionally available partner is more nuanced than I can cover in a 60-second reel but let’s start the conversation. ⁠

What did I miss? ⁠

Of the five skills, I listed: ⁠

1. Curiosity⁠

2. Presence⁠

3. Vulnerability⁠

4. Empathy ⁠

5. Active Listening


Which is most challenging for you? Which one can you work to improve?