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It’s called insanity when you keep doing the same thing but expect different results. The problem is you can’t see your own blind spots because you’ve always been this way. This is where I come in. If you live in California, we can meet virtually or in-person for therapy. If you’re not in California no worries, I’ve got an online course for you that can change your love life forever.


If you’re tired of being a bridesmaid and never a bride are you prepared to work on yourself to make this happen? You’re going to need some type of plan. The best plan for you is to get off the sofa and to stop thinking he’s going to fall into your lap. No more waiting for Mr. Right to show up, you’ve got to be intentional. 

The issues that you will need to work on will be different depending on your love style. If you are a nervous type who connects too quickly you will need to slow down. If you are more the independent type you need to give men more green lights to pursue you. This is how my treatment is different from other types of therapy because your treatment needs to be as unique as you are.

Find out how you love, take my Love Styles Quiz.

Date Therapy

I call the process ‘date therapy.’ It’s a deep dive into understanding how you became the person you are today based upon your family. Once you know your Love Style then you know which blind spots you need to address.

Once I know who you are, then I figure out your treatment plan. Your treatment plan is going to incorporate a body, soul, and mind approach. It’s a three-step process that addresses how you feel, your expectations and attitude, how you think, and act. Improvement in your relationships happens when you heal and integrate all aspects of yourself: your body, soul, and mind. Are you ready to get started?  


are you in a secure relationship?

Couples are my jam. When I help a couple mend their relationship I am helping an entire family get Back To Love. Over the years I’ve combined the best couples treatments and created my own therapy style. In my office, I will have you sit across from your partner, look them in the eye, and start connecting in new and better ways. If you want to yell at each other you can do that at home. In my office I want you to have a corrective experience and that means speaking about what really matters.  As a team, you need to learn to soothe one another, how to meet each other’s needs, and how to have your partner’s back. It’s OK that you don’t know what a healthy relationship is. I will show you what all successful couples do so you can do it too. 


I use Attachment Science to guide my work with couples but I also incorporate other therapy techniques and keep you moving and guessing. How else can I get you curious about your partner and open your eyes to what else is going on?

What I love most about working with couples is how quickly the process can work. I’ve helped many people on the brink of divorce do a 180 after a few sessions. For other couples, it will take much longer. Often when mistrust or betrayal has happened, the work is painful because we are uncovering old wounds. But when done with an expert you can reveal a new relationship that is better than the original one.

The goal of therapy is to move towards becoming a more secure relationship, who doesn’t want that?  A secure relationship feels safe, loving and you feel comforted and understood.

Creating a secure relationship is well worth the effort it takes. Imagine having the type of relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

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Discovering how you became the person you are today and how you love is the first step.