Dr. Diane Strachowski

Licensed Psychologist

Claim the relationship you deserve by going all-in
and healing your attachment style.


Start by understanding your unique love style (also know as your attachment style).

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Dig deeper with self-guided, online courses designed to your unique love style.


Get personal care with one-on-one therapy. (only available to CA residents)

Love Didn't Come Easy For Me...

As a relationship expert and licensed psychologist (I have an Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology), I’ve helped thousands of women find love. One reason I love my job is that I’VE BEEN THERE! I’ve been in your shoes, hoping for love while also feeling envious on the sidelines while others seemed to find it effortlessly while I struggled.

My work combines my education at Stanford University and my work on myself to better understand how my attachment style was holding me back.

You can go all-in for yourself and the right partner. Work with me and we’ll discover a path to relationship success together.



Join me as I act as a media psychologist breaking down popular reality dating shows like Love is Blind and The Bachelor to show you the “red flags,” “green lights,” and all-in behavior that makes for a successful relationship. 

Catch A Podcast With Dr. Diane

Listen to Dr. Diane’s expert advice on popular shows like Nick Vial and Reality Steve. She is often called upon as the voice of reason for controversial topics in media psychology.

Love Style Courses

Nervous Attachment Style Course

Independent Attachment Style Course

Secure Attachment Style Course

Confused Attachment Style Course

Dating & Relationship Courses

Dating With Intention

How To Get Over Your Ex

Relationship 101


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