Relationship 101

Diving Deep Into Attachment Styles
In Order To Deepen Your Relationship

Want To Deeply Know Your Partner?

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You and your partner love each other deeply, but your differences often keep you apart

Your differences brought you together–but now they’re drawing you apart.

You’ve tried different methods of communication, only to end up in deeper misunderstandings.

You hate to admit it, but “you feel lost about what they need or want from you.”

You desire a secure and connected relationship, but you feel distant from them.

The problem is that you and your partner learned to attach to relationships differently. It started with your parents and it’s all you really know. You both are trying, but you need a new blueprint to help you understand one another.

I can help you get there…

It's possible to feel secure in your relationship

Understanding what's influencing your decision making is key

Imagine feeling confident in your partner.

Securely loving each other while both of you become more secure.

Understanding your “gut feelings” —and which ones you can truly trust.

This transformation is possible when you take the time to look inwardly and outwardly from a secure relationship mindset (keep reading!).

Relationship 101 e Course -
Confidently Making A Lasting Commitment

Your path to commiting to a secure relationship starts with listening to expert advice

Unlike other relationship courses based on conjecture and anecdotes, How to know They’re the one combines the best research-based science that psychology has to offer with tried-and-true relationship techniques that have worked for thousands of others.

Created by a trained psychologist (more about me below!), the techniques in this course get honest about what’s holding you back. It’s time to change your ideas about healthy relationships and understand why your past processes hold you back.

The result is confidence to act more securely in your relationship decisions and feel secure in the process.

Hi—I’m Dr. Diane, and I help people find deeper love.

As a relationship expert and licensed psychologist (I have an Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology), I’ve helped thousands of men and women find love.

One reason I love my job is that I KNOW THIS STUFF WORKS! When I worked at Stanford on numerous clinical trials, I got the nickname the ‘Bootcamp therapist’ because I learned to give no-nonsense advice and helped people improve their mood fast.

I also know firsthand the anxiety that comes with dating and partnership, and the pressure to find love that lasts.

But accepting your partner with confidence IS POSSIBLE. In fact, I used the exact same techniques and tools to find lasting love (with my husband, Lyle) that I teach others. I know these tools work because they worked for me.

Here are the key lessons myself and thousands of others have gone through to find love:

The keys to a secure relationship
Are Found in These Lectures

What’s covered in this dynamic course

Lecture One

Finding Your Person
In this lecture, you’ll review the process overview for finding the partner that’s right for you.

Lecture Two

Attachment Theory
What is attachment theory and how does it relate to finding the ideal partner.

Lecture Three

Reading Your Attachment Style Results
Take an assessment of your and your partner’s attachment styles.

Lecture Four

Nervous Attachment Style (Nick & Nora)
Review the anxious or nervous attachment style and what it means in a relationship.

Lecture Five

Independent Attachment Style (Isabelle & Ian)
Review the anxious or independent or avoidant attachment style and what it means in a relationship.

Lecture Six

Confused Attachment Style (Connie & Connor)
Review the anxious or confused attachment style and what it means in a relationship.

Lecture Seven

Secure Attachment Style (Sophia & Steve)
Review the anxious or secure attachment style and what it means in a relationship.

Lecture Eight

Rating Yourself In A Relationship
Understanding the pros and cons of what your unique love style brings to the relationship.

Lecture Nine

Relationships With Nick or Nora
How a relationship with a nervous attachment style results in a successful relationship.

Lecture Ten

Relationships With Isabelle or Ian
How a relationship with an independent attachment style relates to a successful relationship.

Lecture Eleven

Relationships With Connie or Connor
How a relationship with a confused attachment style relates to a successful relationship.

Lecture Twelve

Relationships With Sophia or Steve
How a relationship with a secure attachment style relates to a successful relationship.

Each lesson in this course comes with activities and exercises you’ll use to shift your patterns, break from bad habits, and learn how to choose a partner confidently.

The cost for these life-changing steps is less than you think… At $99, this course, and the inner security that comes from it, costs less than what you’d pay for one month at the gym.

I promise you can have a confident
and secure relationship

Relationships and love aren’t a formula, and there’s no such thing as a “guarantee” that you’ll find your perfect match. But here’s what this course does guarantee:

That you’ll have the tools to understand to securely connect with your partner

You’ll finally understand why you and your partner think so differently

That you’ll become more relaxed in your relationship and have fun (truly!)

You’ll have more confidence in your relationship and be able to relax!

These things are more than possible—they’re within reach.
Sign up for the course and learn the tools that get you there

This course is for you if...

You’re tired of feeling like everyone else’s relationship is better than yours

You’re tired of feeling misunderstood or rejected by your partner

You crave the satisfaction of a relationship that makes you feel whole

You want to be your best self in your relationship

You’ve tried doing this alone but keep experiencing
the same patterns and problems

You wonder if your relationship is going to last

If any one of these feels familiar, it’s time to take the next step. In four weeks you’ll learn life-changing techniques that create lifelong intimacy.

Now is the time to find the connection you’ve been waiting for. Your secure relationship is waiting.

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