What Is Nervous Attachment Style?

What is Nervous or Anxious Attachment Style?

If you or your partner has an anxious attachment, you might feel like you constantly need to be reassured that your relationship is intact. That’s because people with an anxious attachment are afraid of losing their partner, and they constantly seek reassurance that the relationship is working.

Anxious attachments can make you feel desperate to form a fantasy bond in your relationship. Instead of feeling real trust toward your partner, you might feel emotional hunger. You may also look to them to rescue or complete you.

If this sounds familiar, please know you’re not alone: Anxious preoccupied attachment affects nearly 20% of the population. And it’s something I’ve helped a lot of my clients work through in therapy sessions. If you’re ready to take control of this pattern in your relationship, I’m here for you.

Do you feel anxious when your partner doesn’t text you back right away? Do you often feel like your partner is distant and unavailable to you? Do you find yourself getting upset or angry over things that seem small (like the fact that your partner didn’t put the dishes away, or they forgot to call you back)? Are you constantly trying to figure out what they’re thinking or feeling?

If any of these sound like YOU, then I have some good news: you don’t HAVE to live like this!

I’m Dr. Diane, and I’ve worked with people just like you for over twenty years. In my experience, people who experience these symptoms usually have a nervous or anxious attachment style. And luckily, even if it feels impossible right now, it’s a problem that can be fixed. You just need the right tools and guidance.

I’ve created a free quiz that will help identify whether your attachment style is anxious or nervous. It’s a quick but comprehensive way to figure out if this might actually be a problem in your life—and if it is, it’s also the first step toward helping yourself feel better.

Take my quiz today and learn more about what a nervous or anxious attachment style means for your relationships!

Understanding your love style is the key

Imagine a version of yourself that’s less anxious and more secure.
You have an inner confidence that comes from knowing your unique love style, and how to leverage it to your advantage. You’ve learned to avoid the mistakes and overcome patterns you’ve been stuck in.

You’ve quit sabotaging your chances of happiness, and finally, know that the right person is just around the corner. In fact, maybe you’ve already met or are in a relationship now.

This transformation is possible when you understand your unique love style (aka “Nervous Nora/Nick”) and start to take action. The first step is this dating and couples course.




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