What Is Secure
Attachment Style?

What is Secure Attachment?

When you have a secure attachment style, you have a great advantage in love. You feel compatible going to your partner when something is off. In return, you allow your partner absolute freedom.

People with a secure attachment style tend to have honest, open, and equal relationships where both partners can grow and thrive together. They understand how to merge together to form a stable ground.

Security must not be confused with perfection. People with a secure attachment style also experience conflict and bad days, just like any other couple. What sets them apart is their high emotional intelligence which allows them to communicate effectively and solve problems rather than attack their partners.

They are highly resilient individuals who understand how to move past obstacles with great care and self-awareness.

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Understanding your love style is the key

Imagine a version of yourself that’s exceptionally confident…but also full of grace for everyone else who isn’t quite to your level of security.

You have insight that comes from knowing your unique love style, and how to leverage it for your advantage.

You’ve learned to avoid the mistakes and overcome patterns you’ve been stuck in.

This transformation is possible when you understand your unique love style (aka “Secure Sophia or Steve”) and start to take action. The first step is this course (keep reading!).

This transformation is possible when you understand your unique love style (aka “Secure Sophia or Steve”) and start to take action. The First Step Is To Take My Course- Secrets For How To Be Secure Confused Attachment