You Can Find Love

(Even if relationships and romance makes you anxious, you overthink everything, and you’ve been burned in the past)

Secrets for how to be secure
Course - nervous nora/nick love style

Your path toward understanding your love style and finding success in relationships and love

Unlike other relationship and couples courses based on conjecture and anecdotes, Secrets for How to be Secure combines the best research-based science that psychology has to offer with tried-and-true relationship techniques that have worked for thousands of others.

Created by a trained psychologist (more about me below!), the techniques in this course are customized to your unique love style in a way that teaches you to calm anxiousness and find inner security that you never knew was possible.

The result is magnetic confidence that attracts new, quality relationships, or deepens the relationship you have.

Being stuck on the sidelines
of love gets old

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You’re listening to yet another friend gush about finding “the One.”

Meanwhile, you’ve been sitting on the outside of the love you want for what feels like ages and can’t seem to figure out what everyone else is doing right…and you’re doing wrong.

You know you have a lot to offer someone…
but you stress about relationships a lot.

You wear your heart on your sleeve… but tend to get hurt.

You’re affectionate and expressive…but fall in love too easily and have been burned.

The problem is that you’re caught in patterns you can’t recognize, many go back to your childhood. These patterns are keeping you unfulfilled. But it doesn’t have to be that way…


it's possible to leave the
sidelines for good

Imagine a version of yourself that’s less anxious and more secure.
You have an inner confidence that comes from knowing your unique love style, and how to leverage it to your advantage. You’ve learned to avoid the mistakes and overcome patterns you’ve been stuck in.

You’ve quit sabotaging your chances of happiness, and finally, know that the right person is just around the corner. In fact, maybe you’ve already met or are in a relationship now.

This transformation is possible when you understand your unique love style (aka “Nervous Nora/Nick”) and start to take action. The first step is this dating and couples course (keep reading!).

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HI-i'm dr. diane, and i used to be just like you.

As a relationship expert and licensed psychologist (I have an Ed.D. in Counseling Psychology), I’ve helped thousands of women find love. One reason I love my job is that I’VE BEEN THERE! I’ve been in your shoes, hoping for love while also feeling envious on the sidelines while others seemed to find it effortlessly while I struggled.

As a former “Nervous Nora” myself, I know firsthand the anxiousness that comes with dating, and the pressure to find love. I also know that security and confidence in relationships IS POSSIBLE. In fact, I used the exact same techniques and tools to find lasting love (with my husband, Lyle) that I teach others. I know these tools work because they worked for me.

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the key behind secrets for how to be
secure is four life-changing steps

Step one

Transform your Body: learn techniques to physically calm your nervous system and gain better perspective

Step two

Transform your Soul: learn how to reframe your story and create an empowering narrative

Step three

Transform your Brain: discover practices that will balance and ground you in rational thought

Step four

Transform through Action: put all of your new principles into play in everyday life

Each step in this course comes with activities and exercises you’ll use to shift your patterns, break from bad habits, and learn how to conquer anxiety.

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You’ll also identify how secure people operate and what makes them different. After learning their habits, plus how to practice them in your real life, you WILL be a secure person.

The cost for these life-changing steps is less than you think…
At $99, this course, and the inner security that comes from it, costs less than what you’d pay for a gym membership or long massage. With hours of video content and practical advice, you can use right now. Isn’t it time you invested in a different side of dating and relationships?

I promise you won't be the same.

Relationships and love aren’t a formula, and there’s no such thing as a “guarantee” that you’ll find perfect love.
But here’s what this course does guarantee:

That you’ll have the tools to stop
overthinking everything, and instead
you’ll take things in stride by adopting a
wait-and-see approach in dating and relationships

That you’ll become more relaxed on dates and have fun (truly!)
You’ll have more confidence and assertiveness
You’ll learn adaptive, energetic boundaries that aren’t too high or too low
These things are more than possible—they’re within reach.
Sign up for the course and learn the tools that get you there.

This course is for you if...

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

– You’re tired of sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else find love.
– You’ve been burned by relationships in the past but still have hope for true love.
– You tend to get attached quickly and fall in love easily, but underneath you fear rejection.
– You have a nervous or anxious “attachment style” which means that you’re prone to worry or stress about relationships.
– You’ve tried to change things but keep end up
experiencing the same patterns and problems.
– You find yourself drawn to the wrong partner too many times.
– You’re currently in a relationship and crave more connection.

If any one of these feels familiar, it’s time to take the next step. In four weeks you’ll learn life-changing techniques that create lifelong security.

Now is the time to find the security you’ve been waiting for. Your future self is waiting.

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4 Monthly Payments of $29.99

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