Making the Most of Your Online Profile

Contrary to popular advice, I don’t believe you should waste any precious space talking about what you are looking for on your online profile. ⁠

The space on your profile is precious, and I’m never confident that talking about goals yields a better result. ⁠

You might respectfully disagree. I get it. How else will you protect yourself from the 26% of casual people? Only those people don’t see themselves that way either; they’ve convinced themselves, ‘If I find the right person, who knows?’ Maybe I will change my mind. ⁠

But what is more likely is that because you both want the same things -commitment and a family, you let your guard down and assume that you are moving in the same direction. Only later do you find out that you have differences? And it’s the difference that kills you, not the goals. Ouch! ⁠I’ve been there too. ⁠

This is why dating is so frustrating; the process is ambiguous, and there is no guarantee you are not wasting time. ⁠

But if you have a wait-and-see approach, you are optimistic but also realistic. Focus on the quality of your relationship, not just the end goal. Don’t drop your guard and assume that because you both want a family, it will be with each other. How much time do you give any relationship before you decide?

Do you say what you want on your profile or skip that section?