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do opposites attract or attack?
Know your Partner | Love Styles | Relationships | Understanding Your Type
Do the opposite people attract or attack?

Do the opposite people attract or attack? Let’s dive into explaining who your opposite partner is and what you might consider instead. First, let’s explore those partners that might be opposite, and then what can you do instead.  Who is your opposite? Using the chart below, if you are a Nervous Nora or Nick your…

why closure is over rated
Attachment Theory | Dating | Love Styles
Why everyone wants closure at the end of a relationship

It’s natural and normal for everyone who wants closure at the end of a relationship. It’s an ending to a chapter, of course, you want to know what happened. When your friends and family ask you, ‘what happened’ you feel stupid if you don’t have a response. But closure may be overrated, especially if the…

are you in a secure relationship
Love Styles | Relationships
Are you in a secure relationship?

Chances are if you’re in a secure relationship you know it. What about you? Are you in a secure relationship? Secure may be another word for happy, or content, ideally, you are in a relationship that meets your needs. Takes two people to agree:  A couple is the only one who can vote on this….


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