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rachel Lindsay and Bryan Albaso
Bachelor/Bachelorette Musings | Dating
Lessons on love from Rachel Lindsay

Whether you are a fan of Bachelor Nation or not, there are lessons on love we can learn from Rachel Lindsay. Rachel is one of the more confident, self-assured, and likable Bachelorettes. I would call her Secure Sophia or on my old quiz a Confident Hero. Rachel appears to come from a loving family; they…

Jo Jo Fletcher the Bachelorette
Bachelor/Bachelorette Musings
How JoJo the Bachelorette handles bad boys?

JoJo Fletcher the Bachelorette has her share of bad boys this season. The question is, how well does she handle bad boys, did she crush it or did it crush her? What can we learn from this season of the Bachelorette? If you’ve been watching  JoJo’s body language with your volume off you can probably…

Ben Higgins Bachelor
Bachelor/Bachelorette Musings
Ben Higgins: Is he an insecure puppy?

It’s Bachelor Finale again and Ben Higgins is proving to be one of the most unusual Bachelors “of all time.” On the last fantasy suite episode Ben told not one, but two of the final contestants, “I love you!” Despite breaking the Bachelor vow of silence, you sense that Ben can’t contain himself. Ben has boosted ABC ratings and is one…


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