How To Flirt With People You Like

How To Flirt With People You Like: A Helpful Guide

Why Flirting Is So Hard

Everyone’s talking about having a “hot vax summer,” but what if you’re instead bracing for a “lukewarm return to awkward chitchat with people you find attractive?” With bars opening, parties being a thing again and masks coming off across the country — it’s a big summer for flirting, which is hard for some people, even in a normal year, mostly out of fear of rejection.

But let’s start with the basics. You see someone you’d like to flirt with — maybe it’s your barista at the local coffee shop, a coworker, or that cute guy you saw on the subway. You’ve got a few options here. You can smile and say hello, or you can surreptitiously slide him your number on a piece of paper. Inserting yourself into his life without making any kind of personal connection is what most people do when they want to pick up somebody new. It’s a version of this kind of flirting that’s based more in self-interest than emotional interest. The other version of this kind is steering clear and pretending not to notice that he exists. That might sound weird but honestly, it happens sometimes!

Flirting In Relationships

Keeping the spark alive in a relationship can be tricky, especially if you’ve been together for a long time. One thing that falls to the wayside quickly is flirting. Early in a relationship, flirting often comes easily. Everything you do feels playful and mysterious as you’re getting to know each other. But when you’ve moved past all of that, it can be difficult to get flirting back into your relationship. It can feel artificial or forced to suddenly start flirting again—especially if you haven’t done it for a while.

Tips For Flirting In A Relationship

It’s easy to fall into a pattern with your partner, but this could be hurting your relationship. Flirting is about intimacy, so doing it more often can help you and your partner feel closer.

So how exactly do you do that?

  1. Use Text And Email To Your Advantage.

Flirting is about feeling close and connected. If you both are at work every day, you can use text and email to stay in touch. Try sending each other sweet messages — or saucy ones.

  1. Keep Your Date Nights.

Date nights are important, and it’s far too easy to let them go once you’ve been together for a while. Keep these nights special by focusing on each other — or flirting over dinner!

  1. Surprise Eachother.

One way to bring back the flirty parts of your relationship is to re-introduce the element of surprise. Plan a spontaneous getaway weekend or surprise your partner with an unexpected gift — they’ll love it!

  1. Make Eye Contact.

The little things can make all of the difference. In this case, eye contact — especially with the left eye — can help you and your partner feel close.

Flirting In Dating

Are you a serious dater or a flirter?

We’re going to help you find out. There are all sorts of different types of flirters out there, and if you’re one of them, there’s no need to shy away from it—in fact, you should embrace it! Flirting is fun, and if everyone would just stop taking it so seriously and enjoy it for what it is, the world would probably be a much more pleasant place.

But how do you know if you’re a flirter? Well, first off, do you enjoy making people feel better about themselves? Do people often tell you that your presence in their lives has made them happier? Do you really like making people laugh? If so, chances are that’s because you’re a flirter. And while flirting doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s anything more behind it than that, sometimes it can lead to something more. Who knows what might happen when the right person strikes your fancy! But either way, the most important thing is to just enjoy each other’s company and have fun.

Tips For Flirting In Dating

So the cutie from down the hall asked you to study for a Spanish quiz in his room. Coincidence? Maybe. But there are some signs of flirting that are hard to miss. Here are six of them…

  1. Advertising Availability

This is the easiest way of flirting, to give the personal information that he is single by asking that what she is doing that evening, or what her plans are this Friday.

  1. Kidding

Well, this is not just a sign of friendliness. Here, one is trying to be witty so that he can impress them with it.

  1. Complimenting

This is another of those signs where a friend becomes an admirer.

  1. Offering or Asking for Help

If one is trying to be more helpful or do something for them without asking for it, is a clear sign of flirting. It’s like ‘men tend to offer, women tend to ask’.

  1. Talking Privately

If one is talking to you intimately or in a low or confidential voice, it is a sign of flirting. Usually, a friend’s voice is always higher in pitch.



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