Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Dating App Experiences

Dating apps are hard when you get zero matches. I feel ya.

When no one is ever your type you want to delete the apps.

But the process of matching with the right person takes time. I was on and off them for years before finally meeting my husband on Match.

When it comes to which dating app is best there’s no clear winners. It’s all about personal preference.

An analysis on dating apps done by Consumer Reports didn’t yield any obvious best or worse apps. User satisfaction was similar amongst the majority of them.

The report said a person was most satisfied with the app where they eventually met their person. Makes sense.

What can you do to make it less overwhelming and more manageable?

🔑Have low expectations any given time you open it.

🔑Limit the amount of time you use them.

🔑Another hot tip I give my clients is to tell people on your profile when you are on like I only check the app every Sunday. That way people know not to expect a response from you immediately.

Have boundaries that make time on dating apps more manageable for you.

You aren’t meant to match with everyone you don’t have time for that.

Can you relate?

Which dating app is your favorite?