How To Have More Success On Dating Apps

If you are using your old dating profile, it’s time for a refresh. ⁠

⁠Want to know the best images that keep people interested? Uniques poses. Check out youtube videos for influencers and how models pose. Angels make for the most compelling images. ⁠People hate taking pictures because they don’t know what to do with their hands. ⁠

⁠Take a picture on the ski slopes, show you cooking your favorite meal; show don’t tell; every image is valuable space. Figure out where the best lighting in your house, or use a tripod, circle ring light, or even a timer on your phone. Get comfortable using your camera.⁠ You can take most of your pictures yourself if you have the right equipment. Grab pics of your daily life, sitting at your favorite cafe; this might be where you invite your date. ⁠

Images NOT to include in your carousel: images of you blurred or with a group of friends, no one wants to pick you out or see a more attractive friend. Don’t have sunglasses on in all your photos; people want to see your eyes. Or have all mirror selfies. Selfies are OK, but they don’t have to be of you in the mirror. ⁠

When it comes to prompts, Keep your answers sweet and concise. You want your responses to be to the point to elicit a response from the reader.⁠ Be transparent and original. If your responses sound like cliché, you’ll come off as dull and bland. ⁠

Avoid one-word answers, Instead, show that you’re interested in learning more about the other person by asking engaging, unique questions.⁠

And my last tip about saying yes to more people is based upon the algorithm. Dating apps are like IG; they send you more of the same types of posts or people that you like. ⁠

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