From Fearful to Secure: How to Build Healthy Relationships

The four attachment styles are very different. Depending on your attachment and communication style you will have different needs and wants, especially under stress. ⁠⁠⁠⁠

It’s important to know who you are, not only so you can work on your edges but so that you understand who your partner is also. ⁠

Secure Sophia or Steve is the most flexible one in the group. A secure type can spend time alone or with others; they generally don’t get agitated because they ultimately trust people and trust that they will get their needs met. ⁠

Nervous Nora or Nick, the Anxious Ambivalent, likes a lot of contact; they hate being put on read and believe that their partner should do in touch because they would be in touch. They need consistency and to be seen, heard, and listened to. They want to know where they stand in their relationships and sometimes struggle with boundaries. ⁠

Independent Isabelle or Ian the Anxious Avoidant or Dismissive needs more downtime; what’s wrong with going on a walk with my little dog? The independent person, however, feels misunderstood because they are not asking for much, but others think they have commitment issues or they are ‘shut down.’ ⁠

Confused Connie or Connor, the Disorganized, Fearful Avoidant type is a combination of the Nervous and Independent types. They can be reactionary because they feel things deeply and have difficulty trusting and relaxing in a relationship. ⁠

⁠Learn how to become more secure and have healthy relationships in dating and deepen your current relationship. ⁠

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