Bachelor Recap: Bachelorette Season 19, Episode One

Gabby & Rachel Limo Entrances

We’ve got two strong women ready to find their match in life. They’re not here to mess around, they’re here to get down to business—that’s right: business!

This week on The Bachelorette, Gabby, and Rachel strategize how they will work together on choosing candidates for roses. These girls are not naive and understand that having two incredible women choosing from the same pool of guys has the potential to pose challenges. I was impressed with their maturity in strategizing together right away.

Jesse Palmer is back hosting again and is already off to a great start. In this video, I share my concerns about how he’s going about hosting and some reality checks for him on ways to get more out of everyone on the show.

The Limo entrance is always fun, creative, and entertaining to get to know the gentlemen’s personalities and see if any initial sparks fly. Who will be the ones to watch?! What red flags come up right away? Check out my predictions based on the limo entrances.

There were some “deeper connection” moments that happened right away. I’ll share some of my personal feelings on the men who have already connected with these gals.

We had two “first impressions roses” that were given out in the first episode. Rachel gave her rose to Tino Franco, and Gabby gave her rose to Mario. I will share my predictions on whether or not these roses had real meaning for the long-term pick of the show.

REALITY CHECK! I have my therapist reality check for the guys on the show. Sharing insights on how these gentlemen can successfully have two bachelorettes this season. These insights have real-life implications for those dating in today’s world.

We also sent three guys home this episode, a smaller number than normal for the first rounds. Roby and the Twins (Joey & Justin) did not impress these two bachelorettes and said farewell early on.

Lastly, I will share my Dr. Diane therapy insights on the show so far; stay tuned for more.

Have you seen the season 19 cheat sheet from Bachelor Data? I found it very useful for keeping track while watching the show. You can download yours for free here. 



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