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You've Survived A Toxic Relationship, But Now You're Damaged, Depressed, & Unsure If You're Find Love Again

Congrats! You’re out of a toxic relationship.
You’re newly single, fed up, & slightly relieved, but now you feel lost.

There’s a hole in your life and routine that you try and fill with friends, wine, food, or sex.
Seems great, until you’re laying alone at night and find yourself missing your ex-boyfriend who treated you badly.

You may find yourself going through pictures, old messages, or even reenacting past arguments in your head.

Life was going so smooth and then you suddenly get into an unexplained depressed “funk” that has you questioning your life and self-worth for a few days.

Sound familiar?

You're not alone! Many women get out of bad relationships and don't fully heal or get over their ex. 

You Can't Sit At Home & Watch Netflix And Wait For The Pain To Go Away. You Need To Heal The Right Way

It’s hard to thrive after you’ve dated someone that’s lied, cheated, or abused you.

The damage from that toxic relationship can bleed onto other parts of your life that are keeping you feeling “Stuck” and “Out of Place”. Bad relationships can negatively affect you both mentally and physically. 

Becoming a happier & healthier woman starts with getting over your ex

That’s why as a licensed Doctor that has helped 1000’s women get over their ex, I’ve put together an easy to follow guide that will help you heal, feel happier, and get over your ex.

Don't Let An Ex Boyfriend Keep You Depressed, Cautious, & Unsatisfied With Life

Get REAL Steps On How To Get Over Your Ex & Become Happier From Licensed Psychologist & Not A "Relationship Coach"


I’m a licensed psychologist, speaker, writer, and CEO of Back to Love Doc in Menlo Park, CA. 
My goal is to help my clients and students educate themselves about attachment theory to understand how all relationships work. 
I’ve focused my career on helping women not make the same mistakes I did. I was exactly where you are- single, frustrated, and confused. After a decade of being ghosted, dating players, and meeting absolute fools for first dates, I finally took matters into my own hands. I used my expertise as a psychologist to do what I do for my clients: understand myself, heal past heartbreak, and set myself up to thrive in love. Only this time, I did it for me. 
The results have been extraordinary. Using these techniques, I met my husband, and now I’ve helped hundreds of women get the same results. 

That's Why I Packed This Course With Everything You Need To Get Over That Toxic Ex's

This online course includes:

  • How To Determine If It’s Worth Mending Things With Your Ex Or Leaving For Good
  • How To Cope After A Bad Break Up So You Can Live A Normal Life
  • The Steps & Method To Understanding & Healing Yourself From A Bad Breakup So You Don’t Go Back 
  • How To Learn From Your Past Relationship & Become A Better & Happier Partner In The Future
  • How To Deal With Narcissists & Fragile Exes Who Keep Trying To Play With Your Head & Emotions

Don't Let Your Ex Keep You Stuck, Depressed, & Unhappy

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