How To Date With Intention:

Never Deal With Players & Cheaters Again

Survive the Hook-Up Culture, Say NO to Cheaters and Players
who Waste Your Time, Say YES to LOVE

Does This Sound Like You?

Afraid Of Getting Hurt & Wasting Time

You’ve heard all the horror stories from your friends or your own. But you want what’s on the other side- a great relationship

Confused & Unsure Where To Start

You never thought it would be this hard. You’ve tried it all and not sure why you can’t find him?

How To Find Mr. Right While Building Mental Strength and Resilience

Dating is hard, I’m not gonna lie, but it will be even harder if you don’t know how to date, how to choose, and how to navigate modern dating. Dating feels personal because it feels like rejection and forces you to be vulnerable. 

However, with the right strategy, support, and accountability, you will find the man who will never reject you again. 

My step-by-step plan will show you how to find the right men who are ready for commitment while protecting your heart.

Want to find love faster? Show this to your therapist!

This course is created by a psychologist that knows the science of love: no more random dating or unconscious swiping. While an online course can’t replace therapy, it will help you stay focused. Share your action plan with your therapist.

Be accountable, take action, and find love. 

Get REAL Steps On Dating & Avoiding The Hook-Up Culture From A Licensed Psychologist


I’m a licensed psychologist with over 20 years of experience as an individual and couples therapist. A speaker, writer, and CEO of Back to Love Doc.  
My goal is to help my clients and students understand their attachment style and how healthy relationships work. 
I’ve focused my career on helping women NOT make the same mistakes I did. I was exactly where you are-  focused on my career, single, frustrated, and confused. After a decade of being ghosted, and dating narcissists I finally took matters into my own hands. I used my expertise as a psychologist to do what I do for my clients: heal my love style and set myself up to thrive in love. Only this time, I did it for me. 
The results have been extraordinary. Using these techniques, I met my husband, and now I’ve helped hundreds of women get the same results. 

I Was Just Like You...

I thought I was over my ex but I couldn’t get him out of my head, no man compared.

Looking at my own parent’s divorce and the 50% success rate, I thought, why bother. I was allergic to hope. 

 My married friends married their high school sweetheart. I felt like a loser.

I’m embarrassed to show up at that wedding still single. I’m happy she’s engaged but.


YOU DREAD DATING: You’ve heard horror stories or lived them yourself. Learn everything you need to know to date with confidence and with a strategy

FIRST DATES DON’T CONVERT TO SECOND DATES: Learn creative ideas for best first dates, wear, where to go, and best first date practices.

HOW TO MAKE HIM YOUR BOYFRIEND: You’ve been hanging out, and now you’re hooked on him; how to get him to commit to you. Real scripts for how to move things along

STUCK IN BOYFRIEND MODE FOREVER: Many relationships get to a set point; it’s comfortable but stalls out. How to define your future.

This course is packed with everything you need to date with confidence and Find Love!

Nine Lectures that cover:


*Why dating is hard and how to make it easier 

* Identify the cycles of dating to know what stage you are in

* How to decode men to understand them better

* Five steps to success based upon the success theory

* How to overcome your struggles based upon your attachment style

* How to spot men that will waste your time and break your heart

* How to communicate effectively, scripts for your relationship 

* Yellow and red flags to beware of

* How to establish healthy boundaries in dating 

* Bonus Section: How to date during a Pandemic


Don't Settle For Cheaters & Liars. Find Men Who Are Ready To Commit To You

The price will never be this low again!



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