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First dates: stop playing it safe
Communication Skills | Dating
Want more first dates? Stop playing it safe

Want more first dates? Maybe you need to stop playing it safe. If dating feels like a rollercoaster, chances are you’re ready to get off. You’re ready to cancel all the guys who say –let’s do this again sometime, but never follow up. If you want more second dates here’s what you need to try…

how to date with confidence
Attachment Theory | Dating
Dating with Confidence

In dating, everyone knows confidence is sexy. A confident person exudes certain energy that screams –I know what ‘I want and I’m not afraid to get it.’  People want to date a confident person. A confident person walks into most situations with determination, is approachable, and appears happy. Being in a relationship with a confident…

how to manage dating anxiety
Attachment Theory | Dating
Seven tips to manage dating anxiety

Want to know more about how best to manage your anxiety? I have seven tips for you on how best to kick your anxiety to the curb. Dating anxiety is a real thing. See my last post for the signs and symptoms to find out if this is you. But if this you and dating anxiety…


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